Signs That You Might Need Boiler Service in Your Home

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When you own your home, you are the one that is responsible for all of the repairs. This is usually not a problem, unless you never take the time to understand the key warning signs that there is trouble ahead and you end up in the middle of winter without heat. Therefore, you need to make sure that you know as much as you can about the warning signs that the boiler might be on the verge of completely breaking down.

Banging Sounds Coming from the Boiler

It is not uncommon to hear a couple of banging sounds when you first turn on the boiler for the cold winter months. After all, it was not in heavy use throughout the winter so it is going to take it a minute to adjust to working steadily again. However, if you are hearing such noises after a day or so, you could have a problem with the boiler. Allowing the problem to continue on without having an HVAC professional take a look at the problem is just asking for additional issues. Sure, the problem might be small and the boiler might make it through the rest of the winter. However, it might not and you might find you and your loved ones waking up to a freezing house one morning.

The Pipes Are Making Strange Sounds

Depending on how old your boiler system is, pipes leading to all of the baseboard heaters may be exposed or they could be on the inside of your walls. Either way, you should still be able to hear any strange noises coming from them. Should you happen to hear such noises, you need to have someone check the boiler. It might not be sending enough water through because the water pressure is a little off.

The Floor is Shaking

If your boiler is in the basement and you find that floors above it are shaking every time the boiler kicks on, you might have a serious problem. It might not just be serious, it might be extremely dangerous. Therefore, you need to shut off the heat and call an emergency HVAC technician for an urgent repair to the system. A boiler system that is running in a safe manner will never shake any portion of your home so never allow yourself to be convinced that it is normal. There could be a buildup of natural gas that is finally catching the pilot light, creating a mini explosion in the boiler furnace every time it tries to kick on to pump heat through your home.

So, should you find that you are experiencing any of the previously mentioned issues, you will know that you are in need of some professional boiler service {from companies like G K Mechanical (1997) Ltd}.