Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For A Harsh Winter

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It is important to make sure that you are taking time to prepare for the upcoming harsh winter that you suspect you are about to face. To help you do this, you can make use of the following helpful tips.

Have The Furnace Serviced

Rather than waiting for it to get really cold to turn on the furnace to see if there are any problems, you might want to have it serviced ahead of time. By calling in a professional HVAC technician, like those from Riverside Heating, you will be able to have a new filter installed, the duct work cleaned, and have the furnace inspected for red flags of potential problems that could interrupt properly heating your home. The sooner you call for an appointment, the more likely it is that your furnace will be serviced before the cold weather strikes.

Insulate All Of The Exposed Plumbing

Whether you live in a mobile home or your pipes are exposed in a crawl space under the home, you are at risk for dealing with frozen pipes. All it takes is a few short hours of freezing temperatures for you to find yourself without running water. Instead of risking that, you can simply insulate the exposed pipes with pipe insulating tubes. These foam tubes have a slit down the side so that they can slide onto and around the pipes. You might want to take the extra step of securing the foam covers in place with duct tape, especially if a lot of wind hits the pipes.

Check For Holes Around The Windows And Doors

Even the smallest of holes or gaps around the windows and doors in your home can let in a lot of cold air. In order to help ensure that you are heating your home efficiently, you will want to seal those holes. Depending on the size of the holes or gaps, you can use caulking that will dry in a short amount of time and can be easily painted over. However, if you have a large gap that you are dealing with, it might be better to use spray foam insulation first in order to fill the space. You can then cover that with the caulking that you can smooth out and then paint to match the walls or framework.

If you take the time to make use of the previously mentioned tips, you should have no problem making sure that your home is nice and ready for the cold winter months that are fast approaching.