Temporarily Fix A Cracked Hot Water Pipe That Is Underneath Your Mobile Home

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If a section of a hot water pipe that is underneath your mobile home has a small crack in it and hot water is dripping onto the ground, resulting in the hot water supply in your home running out in a shorter amount of time than normal, patch the damaged pipe by completing the steps below. The temporary fix will allow you to utilize hot water in your home without needing to worry about additional plumbing leaks until you are able to have the pipe repaired or replaced by a licensed plumber


Clean And Prep The Pipe And Apply Putty

Turn off the water supply at the main valve. Use a flashlight to assist with seeing while you are underneath your mobile home. Use a damp, soapy cloth to clean the damaged portion of the pipe. Wipe the plumbing off with a towel. Roughen the pipe's surface by moving a metal file firmly back and forth across the section of the pipe that contains a crack.

Knead a small amount of waterproof plumbing putty between your hands until it is soft and flexible. Mold the putty until it is an even thickness and is long and wide enough to cover the crack in the pipe. Press the putty against the pipe with your fingertips until it adheres. Flatten the surface of the putty with one side of a plastic putty knife. 

Cover Hardened Putty With A Few Layers Of Putty Tape

Wait a few hours for the putty to harden. Test the surface of the putty with your fingertips to determine when this has occurred. Put on a pair of latex gloves. Use a water hose to soak a roll of plumbing tape. After the tape is saturated, squeeze it to release excess water. Unroll the tape and secure the end of it over one end of the repaired section of the pipe. Unwind the tape slowly and wrap it tightly around the putty-covered pipe.

Add a few layers of plumbing tape to ensure that the pipe is covered completely. The plumbing tape will prevent water from seeping if the epoxy putty wasn't applied properly and eventually loosens from the pipe. Use the tips of your fingers or a one side of the putty knife to flatten the tape. After the tape has dried thoroughly, turn on the water supply.