Residential Water Treatment Options For Non-Potable Deep Well Water

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If your home has a deep well and it produces water that is non-potable but you need to use it in your household and garden, then you will be pleased to learn that there are many ways the water can be treated to improve its quality. While it is sometimes complicated to convert non-potable water into drinkable water, there are many technologies today that allow this to be possible. For example, each of these problems with your deep well's water can be corrected:

The Well Water Contains a Lot of Sediment

All well water contains some minerals and sediment. The minerals and sediment are picked up as the water moves through the bedrock in the aquifer. While some sediment is not a problem, too much sediment will clog your well pump and plumbing lines. If your well water contains a lot of sediment, then you will be able to see it in the water as it comes up from the well. Put some water into a clear jar and see if you find particles floating in the water. If so, then you should consider installing a sediment filter to remove them.

The Well Water Contains a Lot of Calcium

If all of the particles you see floating in your well water are white or light gray in color, then the water contains a lot of calcium. It is very common for deep well water to be hard with excessive amounts of calcium. The calcium will build up inside of your pumps and plumbing, and can ruin your water heater's elements. For these reasons, you should remove the calcium by installing a water softener. The water softener will remove the calcium hardness in the well water and prevent its damage.

The Well Water Contains Natural Arsenic

Arsenic is a fairly common mineral found in deep well water, especially in volcanic areas. If your water has arsenic in it, then you should install an arsenic-specific filter to remove it. Your well-drilling contractor can help you with the model that will work the best depending upon the amount of contamination your water has. 

The Well Water Contains Biological Contamination

Finally, if your home's well water contains biological contamination, then the well itself can be decontaminated by a local well drilling contractor. The well driller will open up the well head and dump some chlorinated water down into the well shaft. 

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