Potty Training Toddlers: Three Ways To Keep Your Plumbing Safe During This Big Family Transition

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The big day has arrived, and you can't wait to watch your child exclaim with glee the first time that they actually use the potty. However, you also know that this new phase in your child's life also puts them in close proximity to your home's most important fixtures. Although your child is normally well-behaved, toddlers sometimes just can't help but fall prey to the temptation of playing with water. As you embark upon your potty training adventure, use these tips to keep it from turning into a plumbing calamity.

Teach Proper Toilet Behavior

Toddlers have a unique way of turning everything into a game, and your curious little tot might not be able to help trying to see just how much toilet paper can fit down the commode. Spend time showing your child just how many squares are acceptable. You can even hang a strip of cloth on the toilet paper roll that they can use to measure. You will also want to show them how to flush only one time. If you do happen to notice that your toilet is running constantly or struggles making a complete flush, then arrange for toilet repair so that you do not experience a hitch in your training routine.

Provide The Right Sized Step Stool

Most of the time, you will catch your toddler playing in the water before they make a big flood. However, many parents fail to realize the amount of pressure kids can put on the faucet handles. Use a step stool to help your child reach the faucet without having to jump and hang from the handles. Since broken handles are a common reason for faucet repair, keep an eye out for signs that yours are failing such as by having trouble turning the water completely off.

Know How to Handle A Catastrophe

Just as potty training accidents happen, you can expect an occasional plumbing mishap with a toddler in the house such as an action figure stuck deep down in the commode. Practice turning the water off using the shut off valve near your toilets and sinks. Then, make sure you also know where the main valve is outside the house. This way you can promptly shut off a flood and call for help if all of your previous efforts at prevention fail.

The truth is that one day you will look back on these days with fond memories, even if plumbing problems make you want to pull your hair out now. By being proactive and giving your child a few lessons on toileting etiquette, you can avoid the worst plumbing mishaps and keep your household running smoothly.

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