Keeping Your House Cool During A Heat Wave

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Air conditioners must work extra hard to keep the house cool when the temperature is particularly high. Unfortunately, an overworked AC is prone to frequent breakdowns, which may also shorten its life. Therefore, if your area is experiencing a summer heat wave, you need to take measures to keep your house's temperature cool to feel comfortable and prevent the AC from overworking. Here are a few measures that will help:

Minimize Indoor Cooking

Cooking generates considerable heat; you don't want to add to the temperature by cooking too much. Therefore, opt for cooking methods that don't generate a lot of heat or foods that don't take long to prepare. For example, you should turn off the oven a few minutes before the food is cooked (it will still cook), use microwave vent fans to drive hot air outside, and you shouldn't grill foods indoors. If you don't mind takeout food, then this is the time to enjoy them.

Turn Off Lights When Not in Use

Almost all electrical appliances produce heat when being used, and the lights are no exception. You may not realize that your bulbs produce heat when the temperature is low. However, every tiny addition of heat makes your AC work hard if the temperature is already high. Therefore, if you are experiencing a heat wave, turn off the lights when not using them. The same thing is true of other electronic items such as home theater, televisions, and  

Keep Sunlight Out

Direct sunlight can add considerable heat to your house, especially if there is no breeze to drive away some of the heated air. Therefore, this isn't the time to enjoy natural light or the view from your window. Instead, during the day, close the south-facing blinds and curtains to block sunlight from streaming into your house.

Maintain and Clean the AC

A dirty or malfunctioning AC wastes energy without even cooling the house as well as it should. Therefore, it's important to keep the AC well maintained and the filters clean always. Since the filter will be overworking (just like other parts of the AC) during the heat wave, you should be extra careful with its maintenance and clean or replace the filters more frequently than usual.

Hopefully, the above measures will help and the heatwave won't overwhelm you. Consult a technician, like one from H.R. Stewart Inc., if your AC isn't working as well as it should so that they may diagnose and correct any malfunction.