3 Signs That Your Bathtub Drain Is Prone To Clogs

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Lots of homeowners find themselves dealing with drain clogs every now and then. However, there are some changes that you can make that can help you avoid dealing with clogs in your bathtub. These are a few signs that your bathtub drain might be prone to clogs and that you might want to make some changes if you'd like to prevent them from happening:

1. You Use Soap Instead of Shower Gel

Many people use bar soap when they're in the bathtub or shower. Even though this can seem like a good choice, you should know that bar soap can cause your tub to be more prone to clogging. This is because when compared to shower gel, it can be much more likely to cause a soap scum buildup in the drain, which can lead to clogs. If you'd like to help prevent clogs, consider switching to shower gel; many manufacturers that make toiletries offer both soap and shower gel, so you may be able to find shower gel from the same brand that you usually use. Along with helping to cut down on your chances of bathtub drain clogs, you might also find that cleaning your bathtub and shower is a whole lot easier when you start using shower gel, since you do not have to worry about dealing with soap scum inside the tub. Plus, you might find that it's a more sanitary option when sharing with family members.

2. You Have Long Hair

If you have long hair, there is a good chance that you find yourself losing some of it while you're in the shower. The problem with this is that the hair can get clogged in your drain and can cause problems. Luckily, you do not have to chop off your hair in order to prevent drain clogs. Instead, you can simply add a hair catcher to your drain, which is designed to help catch hair before allowing it to go down the drain. Just make sure that you clean the hair catcher regularly.

3. You Don't Clean the Drain

Even though a professional, like Midwestern Plumbing Service, can help with a more thorough drain cleaning for your bathtub and shower, you can always clean it yourself in-between to help prevent clogs. Removing any visible hair and gunk from the shower drain and then flushing it with really hot water can help move things along and can help prevent clogs from occurring. Then, even though you will still probably want to hire a pro to come out and clean your drain every now and then, you may not have to do it quite as often.