Save Your Pipes By Switching To Biologic Drain Cleaners

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When your drains slow down, what do you do? If you're like many homeowners, you reach for the bottle of chemical drain cleaner that you purchased from your local hardware store. With so many brands on the shelf, chemical drain cleaners must be the right choice for slow drains, right? Well, maybe not.

While using these drain cleaners once or twice is unlikely to cause any serious damage, it's a bad long-term solution to your drain woes, as the chemicals can slowly erode your pipes. So, what are you to do about a slow drain? Try a biologic drain cleaner instead! Here's a look at how biological drain cleaners work and why they're a much safer, wiser choice for your plumbing.

What is a biologic drain cleaner?

A biologic drain cleaner is one that relies on biology, rather than strictly chemistry, to clear your drains. Usually, these products contain enzymes -- proteins that are specially designed to break down the material that may clog your drain. They break apart the protein in hair, mold, algae, and other common drain-clogging culprits. The resulting particles are small and slippery, rinsing down the drain quite easily. Some biologic drain cleaners also contain friendly bacteria, which will colonize in your drain and help keep additional clogs from forming.

Where do you buy biologic drain cleaners?

Most hardware stores and home improvement stores are now starting to carry biologic drain cleaners, thanks to their surge in popularity. You may find them in the green or sustainable goods section of the store rather than by the other chemical-based drain cleaners.

What are the benefits of using a biologic cleaner?

Biologic cleaners won't cause damage to your pipes, so you won't have to worry about calling the plumber for a leaking, dripping pipe a few years down the road. Plus, they are a lot safer for your own health. While you may not want to soak your hands in these cleaners, you don't have to rush to the ER or panic as you would if you were to get chemical drain cleaner on your hands. Biologic drain cleaners are a much safer choice, especially if you have kids or pets in your home.

You can use biologic drain cleaners as often as needed. However, if you are constantly having to pour drain cleaner down your drain, there may be a larger blockage that you need to have physically removed by your plumber. For help from a professional, contact companies like Vines Plumbing.