3 Tips For Repairing Your Kitchen Faucet

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Having access to a functional faucet is critical in the kitchen. You need a constant supply of water to clean food, wash your hands, and do dishes throughout the day. When you kitchen faucet malfunctions, you may be able to restore functionality with a few simple repairs.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure the repair process goes smoothly when you need to fix your kitchen faucet in the future.

1. Start by shutting off the water.

Most homeowners forget that the first step in any plumbing repair process is eliminating the water supply to the fixture being repaired. Before you start trying to fix your kitchen faucet, be sure that no water is being directed to the faucet.

This can be done by locating the valve controlling your faucet's water supply underneath your kitchen sink. Switch the valve to the off position prior to repairs and you can avoid a potential plumbing disaster.

2. Wrap electrical tape around your tools.

Another helpful tip that can be used to make it easier to repair your kitchen faucet is to wrap all of your tools in electrical tape prior to beginning the repair process. This is especially important for tools like wrenches that have gripping teeth.

The electrical tape will help to prevent your tools from scratching or marring the surface of your faucet in any way, but the tape will still allow your tools to grip the faucet firmly in order to make the necessary repairs. Since kitchen faucets often serve as an important design element, maintaining the aesthetic beauty of your faucet by wrapping your tools with electrical tape to prevent damage can be beneficial.

3. Purchase the right replacement parts.

If you need to replace some parts in order to restore function to your kitchen faucet, then you will need to know what type of faucet you have in order to purchase the right parts.

Be sure that you identify the manufacturer of your faucet and determine if it is a ball-valve, compression, ceramic disc, or cartridge faucet. Providing this information at the plumbing supply store will ensure that you invest in the right replacement parts to complete your repairs.

Maintaining a running kitchen faucet sometimes requires that you make a few repairs. The repair process doesn't have to be difficult, and proper preparation is essential to avoid problems along the way. Turn off the faucet's water supply, wrap your tools in electrical tape, and invest in the right replacement parts, such as from Do-It-Ur-Self Plumbing & Heating Supply, to complete your repairs with ease.