Myths About Sewer Line Inspections

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The condition of your home's sewer line is important for removing hazardous wastewater from your home. Unfortunately, the sewer line can experience a host of issues during the time that you own your house. When these problems arise, you may need to have a sewer line camera inspection performed.

Myth: The Sewer Camera Inspection Tool Can Always Repair The Problem

Depending on the nature of the problem, there may be instances where the sewer line camera tool can be used to correct the problem. More specifically, this is often used when the source of the problem is a minor clogged as these devices are often equipped with a hard and pointed end that can be used to puncture and break up these clogs. However, if the cause of the problem is a root intrusion or other structural damage to the sewer line, the camera tool will be unable to address this problem.

Myth: You Can Do The Sewer Inspection Yourself By Renting The Camera

Homeowners will often assume that they can save money by simply renting one of these inspection tools. While the rental fee would be less than what a professional would charge, there is a high degree of skill involved in evaluating the feed that is being provided by the tool. This is particularly true for microfractures as they can be almost imperceptibly small. To avoid inaccurate results, you should leave this type of inspection to a trained professional.

Myth: Using A Sewer Camera Inspection Service Will Be Inconvenient

While the information that is provided by a sewer line inspection can be invaluable, homeowners are often hesitant about using these services due to fears about them being disruptive or otherwise inconvenient. Yet, these services are often able to be finished with their evaluation in a matter of hours. Furthermore, the equipment needed for this inspection is relatively small, which will further reduce the disruption that is caused by this work. In fact, depending on the configuration of your home's plumbing, these professionals may not even need to enter the house.

Having your home's sewer line inspected may not be a particularly enjoyable task to do, but it can be an essential first step in correcting a number of problems with your home's plumbing. Unfortunately, you may be misinformed about these inspections if you believe that they are able to correct any problems with the sewer line, that renting the equipment for this work is better than hiring a professional, such as from Cove Plumbing Inc , and that these inspections are extremely disruption.