Is Your Toilet Slow, Gargling, And Smelly? Get The Ventilation Pipes Inspected Now To Be Safe

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You may expect to hear weird noises coming from the bathroom when someone is inside, but there shouldn't be gurgling noises and odd sounds when the room is vacant. If you are having some odd problems with your toilet,s and you have tried plunging and using unclogging chemicals to solve the issues without any success, it's time to call a plumber. The cause could be the plumbing vents, and here are the signs that your vents are clogged or possibly damaged.

Strange Sounds When Not in Use

The toilet shouldn't make any sounds when it isn't in use. If you can hear the toilets making gargling and spitting or sputtering noises, this is a sign that there are ventilation clogs or problems.  It doesn't matter if these sounds are frequent or sporadic, if you hear them, you want to call a professional plumber and get help right away.

Slow Draining with a Flush

When you flush the toilet you want everything inside of it to go down the drain, and you want it go quickly. If the toilet is barely moving, like there is a clog, but you have plunged and you don't think that there is anything stuck, the air may not be able to pass through the pipes to suction the water down. A slow spinning toilet that doesn't drain fast, or as needed, needs attention.

Slow Backfill after Flush

If the toilet isn't filling up with water as quickly as it normally does, or it isn't filling as high, this could be a few different problems. Have the plumber inspect the internal toilet components, the plumbing lines going in and out of the toilet, and also the ventilation system.  

Sewage Smells

The bathroom shouldn't always smell like someone just used it, and if you smell sewage all the time there are a few concerns to have. It could be the ventilation system, but it could also be a sewage leak in the house, along with a backed up septic system.  Sewage inhalation is toxic so this should be addressed immediately.

You don't want to wait to call a professional when you are having problems with your toilet and the plumbing in the home, and instead you should call the plumber right away. Get to the bottom of the problem before you end up with a huge plumbing disaster throughout the house that does damage to your home, and potentially your property.