Home Plumbing Emergencies That Demand Immediate Attention

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If you have some small plumbing problems around your home, you may decide to call the plumber in the next day or so, when it's most convenient for you to get the number out and make the phone call. However, with certain plumbing situations there may not be the option to put that call off; because these problems are so big, they need immediate attention. Here are 3 examples of plumbing issues you can't put off getting help with.

Your pipes freeze

If those low winter days and nights have come around again then you stand the risk of having your pipes freeze up. As soon as you know you are dealing with a frozen pipe, you want to call an emergency plumber to come out.

Don't attempt to thaw the pipes yourself or you can cause them to crack or burst during the process. The reason for calling a plumber no matter what time it is will be due to you needing to beat the clock when it comes to getting someone out before the temperatures rise, and you end up having an emergency occur before help arrives.

You suddenly smell a foul odor in the house

If you start to smell a rotten egg type of smell when you are home, then there is a good chance that there is a broken sewer line or vent under the house. There may also be a problem with the home's septic system if your home runs on septic rather than sewer. Ignoring this situation is unhealthy for those in your household, as well as the environment. Call a plumber or septic system service out right away to have this situation tending to and try not to have anyone in your household continuing to breathe in the fumes.

You suddenly smell gas

Anytime you smell gas while you are in your house you are going to want to open windows and get everyone out of the house and call the fire department. They will come out to tend with the immediate threat and then they will more than likely call the utility company that handles the area where your home is and have them come out to further inspect and repair any other threats.

If the problem is connected to your plumbing system, then the next call to be made should be to the plumber. You'll want them to come out as soon as possible to make sure everything is under control and no further threats remain.