Renting A Portable Toilet For Your Patio Party Controls The Traffic In And Out Of Your House

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It's fun to host parties at your home when you have a large patio and outdoor kitchen for entertaining, but it's not always so fun to have strangers going inside your house to use the bathroom. When you're hosting a party with a lot of people you don't know in attendance, consider renting a portable toilet so no one needs to go inside your house. Here are some tips for getting a portable toilet.

Portable Toilets Need To Park In Flat Space

Some portable toilets hook up to a garden hose and drain and plug into an electrical outlet. You'll want to park one of these where you can reach the outlet and faucet. Other toilets are self-contained so they can be placed anywhere. However, they'll need to be on flat ground and they need to be in a place that the service truck can reach.

Portable Toilet Rentals Provide Hand Sanitizer

While you can rent a toilet that connects to a hose and supplies water for washing hands, you don't really need running water for a portable toilet. The toilets flush with water or chemicals from a tank and hands can be washed with sanitizer. When you provide hand sanitizer, you don't have to worry about supplying paper towels that can become a mess in the toilet or blow all over your yard.

You Can Rent A Luxury Toilet To Wow Your Guests

To make up for the fact that your guests can't go inside, you may want to rent a luxury model portable toilet so using the restroom outside won't be so bad. Luxury toilets are still small, but they're more like regular bathrooms with lighting, hand towels, a mirror, and a more upscale appearance inside. However, you can also choose just a basic toilet if that's easier on your budget.

You Might Need More Than One Toilet

A portable toilet rental supplier can help you decide how many toilets you should rent for your party. Things to take into consideration include how long the event lasts, the number of people who will be at the event, and if you'll be serving alcohol. While you and your closest friends may use the restrooms inside, you'll want to keep people outside of your house as much as possible if you're hosting a large part with people you don't know as well. Having two toilets could be a good choice if you'll be hosting such a party, especially one that will last for several hours.