2 Mistakes To Avoid When Adding On A Laundry Room On To Your House

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After having to deal with the noise and inconvenience of having your washer and dryer in the kitchen or bathroom, you may finally be in a position that you can have a laundry room added on to your house. However, make sure you avoid the mistakes below when planning and adding the room that could result in problems down the road.

Positioning the Laundry Room in the Wrong Location

One mistake you will want to avoid when adding on a laundry room is positioning the room in the wrong location. At first, you may only consider the terrain surrounding your house or even the aesthetics if you do not want the room easily viewed and accessed by guests. 

However, when planning the location of the room, there are a couple of other things you want to consider. While you may only look for the most convenient spot surrounding your house, it may not be close to the existing plumbing. If this is the case, the plumber will have to install new pipes either around the house or through the walls, floors, and ceilings. Not only would this spread the project throughout the house, but it may wind up costing you more than your budget allows.

If you only think about the aesthetics of the room and wish to keep it hidden away, you may decide to put it close to one of the bedrooms. However, consider that the noise of the washer and dryer may disturb you or other family members while you sleep. 

Neglecting to Install an Overflow Drain

Another mistake to avoid when having a laundry room add-on built is neglecting to make sure there is an overflow drain installed in the floor. While you may hope that nothing ever goes wrong with your washing machine's water lines or drain, there is always the possibility of a leaking line or backed-up drain that could cause flooding.

If something happens when you do not have an overflow drain, you may end up with flooding in other areas of your house. Make sure you plan on having the contractor install a drain with the floor slightly sloping toward it to help direct any overflowing water out of your house.

Whenever you add a new room onto your house that requires plumbing, making mistakes such as the ones above could cause problems in the future. To help avoid these future problems, speak with a plumbing contractor service about solutions to potential difficulties before construction begins on the new room.