4 Reasons To Have The Plumbing In Your Old Home Checked Before Winter

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Older houses are fairly notorious for having issues with their plumbing systems. If you have put off having your home examined until now, it is a good idea to get your service order in with a plumber before winter sets in. Here is a look at why. 

Leaks are harder to detect in the winter. 

When a leak occurs in the summer months, the water is usually going to leak out of the pipe, fall on the ground, and be fairly easy to spot. If there is a leak present in a pipe in the winter, however, it is more likely to go unnoticed. The drips may freeze to the pipe instead of falling to the ground, for example. Not to mention, most people are not going to be crawling under their home examining pipes when it is uncomfortably cold outside. 

Frozen pipes can be an issue in the winter. 

In older homes, frozen pipes are a common problem. Pipes are sometimes not as insulated as they should be, not placed far enough under the ground, or not protected in a crawl space, basement, or another enclosed area. These problems are easy enough to prevent, but if you wait until the dead of winter, you may run into a burst or leaking pipe before you ever get safeguards in place to protect your plumbing. 

Frozen ground makes repairs harder during the winter. 

When the temperatures drop, the upper levels of the ground will freeze. Even though areas where pipes are placed usually stay thawed because it is warmer, a plumber will still have to dig through the frozen upper layers to get to problematic pipes. This can mean some repairs are harder to achieve and will take longer to complete. 

You may have a longer wait during the winter for service. 

If you call a plumber with a problem in the middle of the coldest part of the year, you may have to wait a little longer to get someone to you. Some plumbing issues are more likely to happen when it's cold, such as frozen pipes. Plus, there are more people who will call on a plumber in the cold weather because it is so unpleasant to try to tackle basic repairs on their own. It is far better to have everything checked before the cold weather arrives than to have an issue and have to wait to get it fixed.