Is It Worth It To Repair Your Water Heater?

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At some point, you're going to face this dilemma with your water heater: should you have the unit replaced or have the water heater repaired? A few things go into this decision, so use the following information to help you decide if you want to put money into repairing the appliance in your home or if it's time to just buy a new water heater instead.

Your water heater is newer

If your water heater is less than a decade old, then it's wise to consider repairing it instead of buying a new one. The average water heater lasts at least eight years, but they can last up to 12, depending on the brand, the type of water heater it is, and how it's taken care of.

A newer water heater is worth repairing since the repairs may be covered under a warranty, or the repairs may be less costly than buying a new water heater. Your water heater repair service technician will give you a quote for services prior to doing work so you can weigh the costs of repair against the cost of replacement.

Your water heater is in overall good condition

What's wrong with your water heater? Does it simply need to be insulated? Does the unit need to be flushed and drained as part of its normal maintenance needs? If your water heater only needs minimal or routine work, then it's worth it to have the unit repaired rather than buy a new one.

If your water heater needs an ample amount of work, however, then it might be best to buy a new appliance. For example, if your water heater was left turned off and froze in the winter and was damaged in the process, replacement may be your best option.

Your water heater is energy efficient

One of the biggest reasons to replace or upgrade a water heater is the desire for energy efficiency. If your water heater is already energy-efficient, then you want to keep the unit around. Your water heater repair service company will give your water heater a regular tuneup to keep the appliance in its best condition so it lasts as long as possible. Do you have concerns about the way your water heater is using energy recently? Speak to your water heater specialist to see if there are ways you can make your unit more environmentally sound.

Whether your water heater is ready for a regular inspection or you've been having trouble with the appliance, it's best to have any repairs done professionally. If your water heater should be replaced, your water heater repair specialist will let you know.