Is It Worth Paying For Water Heater Installation?

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Water heater installation can be quite complex. Even if you are highly skilled in the art of DIY projects, installing your water heater is a different beast altogether — as most plumbing projects are. There are many moving parts involved and a lot that can go wrong. These are just a few of the benefits of hiring a professional for your water heater replacement project.

You Don't Have the Time

Believe it or not, for many people, this is the one that seals the deal. Even if you are handy with tools and understand the essentials of plumbing, water heater installation takes time. In fact, it is likely to take you even more time than it will take a professional because you aren't as familiar with the process.

Professionals Have the Right Tools and Equipment

If you're not someone who has every tool known to man, the odds are good you'll need to purchase a tool or two to finish the job of installing your water heater. These are tools professional plumbers and other contractors likely have on hand and won't need to spend time and money to get.

Disposing of the Existing Water Heater

This is one problem many people don't think about until the project is complete and they are trying to figure out how to get rid of your existing water heater. It is also something a professional knows how to deal with all too well. You may need to pay a fee for disposing of your broken water heater, but you won't have to worry about getting rid of it, and that can be a huge load off your mind.

Liability for Things That Go Wrong

This is another huge consideration for homeowners. What will you do if your water heater installation goes horribly wrong and floods your basement or damages your home in some other way? When you're doing the job yourself, you only have yourself to blame. It will ultimately be your responsibility to repair the damage.

However, if you hire a professional to come into your home and handle the water heater installation, it becomes their problem if something goes wrong and damages other areas of your home in the process.

The bottom line is this, the peace of mind that goes along with hiring a professional to handle your water heater installation is well worth paying for — unless you are absolutely certain of your abilities to handle this project and others that might arise as a result.

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