3 Signs It's Time To Call A Residential Water Heater Repair Service To Fix Your Water Heater

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A water heater can last for many years without giving you any problems, but there's always the potential for a malfunction to occur, especially when your heater is old. If you pay attention to the early signs of water heater problems, you might prevent a complete breakdown and the need to take a cold shower in the mornings. Here are three signs it may be time to call a company that offers residential water heater repair services.

1. Your Hot Water Smells Bad

If both the hot and cold water smell bad, then you can probably rule out the water heater as the cause. When only the hot water smells bad and it comes from every faucet, then there might be bacterial growth in the tank. The bad odor might also be caused by a bad anode rod in the heater.

When you notice your hot water smells like sulfur or has another bad odor, call a water heater repair contractor to find out why and make repairs to correct the problem.

2. The Water Is Too Hot Or Too Cold

You probably know how your water heater responds when you turn on the faucet. If the water is suddenly too hot or not warm enough, the heater may need repairs. There might be a problem with the dip tube, the heating elements, or the thermostat.

When water is too hot, it's a safety hazard, so call a repair professional to find the problem and repair or replace parts so the temperature is consistent again. Normally, the heater should shut down if the water is too hot, so it's important to have repairs done so all the safety mechanisms on the water heater are functional.

3. The Heater Makes Popping Noises

If you notice your water heater making odd noises, it could be a sign of a malfunctioning part. In the case of popping noises, the problem could be sediment buildup in the tank. If so, the sediment should be drained out before damage is caused to the internal parts of the tank.

You might drain the tank yourself and fill it again, but if you feel uneasy about it, call a repair company to do the job for you and to make sure sediment is the only problem.

It's good to have your water heater repaired when it starts acting up because it may operate inefficiently and drive up your electricity bill. It's also possible the damage will escalate and you'll end up paying more for your water heater repairs than you would if you got repairs done right away.